Sunday, February 12, 2012

paintings, doodles, and drawings

Oh good!  My blog has not been abducted by alien hackers.  Whew!

It has been long, long time.  Computer trouble, internet hiatus, and then just some plain-old procrastination and resistance.

Lately I've been noticing that the moments of my life are speeding by and little of my time and attention is spent noticing, appreciating, and truly feeling joy in those moments.  They are a blurry mush and I don't want to have a blurry (or mushy) life.

I'm not exactly sure where blogging fits in my plan to cultivate more intention and gratitude, but I know that writing and reflecting are most helpful.  Not that they are easy for me, though!  I can always think of a million excuses for not sitting down, pausing, recording, appreciating.  And then, before you know it, three months (or three years) have flown by and I wish I could recall the delights of our summer garden or the books I was reading or .....  

Blogging has certainly helped mitigate that, though, even with all my troubles to stay consistent here.

{Above: Sauvie Island around this time last year}

So, along with writing, I'm trying to resurrect my artistic tendencies as well.  I have a number of sketchbooks that are almost done and I'm finishing them off before I move onto to the next project ... which is to bind a new journal with some yummy artist's paper.  Most of the photos in today's post are of pages in progress.

{Above: Quick sketch, prepping for the painting in the first photo.}

In the spirit of pausing to reflect, perhaps I should record a little list of some of the things I've been grateful to have going on in my life over the last six months.  (I've been thinking that my next journal will be heavy on the "listography" -- that is writing things down about my life in list form --like, favorite books I read in 2011--, since writing in complete sentences often means that things just don't get written down at all!  Or, at least not on a regular basis.) 

Here goes:
  • Splendid two-week roadtrip through California in October, visiting family, friends, and National Parks.  Death Valley was probably my favorite.  Perhaps I'll do a post with some pictures soon.
  • Cooking a ton.  Trying to make every meal count as far as nutrition goes.  Right now there is broth simmering in the slow cooker and coconut yogurt culturing in a cooler with my heating pad.
  • Bedroom closet redo and new bathroom floor + sink and toilet.  A major improvement.  No pictures yet because I haven't done the final sealing of the floor.
  • A relatively sunny Portland winter!  I've started to ride my bike more to work lately.  It sure does make a difference in my day if I get a blast of sun first thing in the morning, even if the Vitamin D benefits won't roll around until summer.
  • Front yard menagerie of birds.  Erik has enticed all the neighborhood finches to our house.  I love watching them flutter and tweet from the dining room window in the morning.
  • Voice lessons!
Happy Sunday!