Monday, February 13, 2012

more collage madness

Here are some pages from my collage journal (book on the right), which is nearly full.  I'm looking forward to making a new book that is slightly larger and sturdier.

This is the first and only journal I've ever stitched and bound myself, following the instructions in Gwen Dien's Decorated Journal book.  It came out okay, but the signatures (booklets of paper) aren't very tight to one another, so that is something I'm hoping to improve the next time around.

So, here's an example of how I work.  I might paste a couple random things on a page and then move on to the next page, doing the same thing.  I cycle through the book that way, adding more scraps at each pass.  (The pages above are at this stage.)  At a certain point there is a clearer direction on how the page is evolving and then I usually stay put for awhile to finish it up.  And then the process begins again....