Friday, July 29, 2011

sketchbook cuties + an update

Well now.  It appears I’m on another unplanned hiatus!

My laptop started having hard-drive fits awhile back, so now it is spending some time in a closet while I enjoy a summer of reduced time online!  This was one of those moments where it seemed like the universe was giving me what I needed.  For a while I’d been feeling like the connections in my brain were starting to mirror my internet habits – excitedly clicking from one interesting or inspiring website to the next in a distracted and sometimes chaotic way.  You see, I’m the kind of person who often has 20+ browser windows open at once.  My mind was starting to feel that way too.  I needed a chance to get down to just two or three windows (metaphorically speaking), with some time for no thinking at all.  So the computer problems were timely.  

My weeknights are now more about painting, reading, and writing, with several meditation sessions thrown in each week.  I minimized my studio after the dust settled (literally) from our attic insulation project.  I've been sketching with pencil and watercolors a few favorite objects and keep things very uncomplicated.  The other art supplies are put away.  And, as I’ve written about before, I seem to do better with limited choices when it comes to creating.

No doubt the laptop will get fixed in the fall, but right now I’m enjoying things.  I’ll pop onto the blog whenever I can from Erik’s computer, but the quiet stretches will continue for a while.

Hope you all are well.

P.S.  These are scenes from my sketchbook taken earlier this year.