Friday, June 10, 2011

things are growing like crazy!

Wow -- a little rain, a little sun and suddenly our veggie garden looks like the real deal!  We've been enjoying abundant mustard greens with dinner most evenings recently.   I bought fresh oysters and clams at the farmer's market last weekend and they were so good cooked with garlic, butter, white wine, and homemade stock, and served with some rice and greens on the side.  YUM.  (The oysters were a lot of work though.  Oi.  And I made a royal mess prying the shells open and then an even bigger mess pounding them into the pieces for the compost.)

Mustard Greens!!

Tomatoes and basil!

Our strawberry plants have seriously multiplied this year.  I just hope we can get at the ripe berries before the birds do.

We had lots of apple tree blossoms this spring.  Does that mean lots of fruit, too?  I hope so.  We only had two wormy-looking apples last year!

Our frequent garden guests -- a family of Band-Tailed Pigeons.  I actually wasn't quick enough with the camera, because three flew off the feeder before I snapped this picture.  Wednesday night there were 12 trying to get at the food!  It's even more hilarious when they try to bathe in the bird bath.

And here's the E-man working on rain garden #3 yesterday morning.  His beard is also growing like crazy!

At the end of the day he had the bioswale formed, the downspout connection made, and some footings in place for the little wooden bridge we're planning to add.  The next step is to add some bigger shrubs to camouflage the ugly tree stump and back fence.  Erik already has one growing in a pot, waiting to be transplanted:

...a "skylark" Blue Blossom -- his favorite

Today he's off to the ever-awesome Bosky Dell Nursery to pick up some more rain-garden plants.  A perfect sunny day for such a trip.

Well, that's the news around here.  Happy Friday!