Sunday, June 5, 2011

Full of Life

Finally! I'm getting around to writing about the chickens.  Unfortunately, so many weeks have passed since our pasture walk at Full of Life Farm that I don't remember all of the many wonderful details about these happy hens and their eggmobile.  I'll do my best here...

That's the eggmobile there...sitting out in the pasture.  The primary purpose for the chickens being out in the pasture is that they break up the cow pies and, by doing that, get the pasture ready for grazing again.  The added bonus is that all that pecking and foraging makes the chickens and their eggs healthier ... plus the fact that their supplementary food does not contain soy and corn.  Along those lines, hearing about the expense of high-quality food for the hens vs. the cheap stuff used in factory farm situations was a major eye opener.  I don't like paying $6/dz for eggs, but I don't complain about it now that I understand that you get what you pay for!

I'm blanking on the pup's name above.  He's the new guardian dog for the hen house -- a specific breed of dog that's bred to guard his flock and not necessarily to be a pet.  He was raised amongst goats and chickens, so those are the animals he instinctively protects.  His sister is the guardian of the pregnant goats on another pasture.  He barked at us farm tourists the entire time we were hanging out by the eggmobile.  Not mean barking, but like he just couldn't stop himself from doing his job.

It was so much fun to lift the lids on the nesting boxes and find them full of chickens sitting on their eggs!

And here are the orangey yolks from happy hens.  Unfortunately, I think I've discovered that I have a slight allergy to eggs.  For awhile, I've had this persistent, annoying runny nose and it's gone away since I stopped eating eggs last Saturday.  Boy am I bummed because I do love my eggs.  I'm hoping that if I take them out of my diet for awhile and then add them back infrequently, I can stave off the drippy nose.  Ugh -- and they are such a good source of choline, too!

On our farm tour we also got to meet the piglets.  They too play a role as composters of cow manure, rooting through and aerating it to find scattered corn kernels.   Kinda gross, but they seemed to be enjoying it!

This pretty horse is a Norwegian Fjord.  So beautiful and a really cute personality.  What was even cuter was how he played with his buddy the goat.

I think I'm a farm girl at heart!