Monday, May 16, 2011

Tabor Tulips

Monday has flown by, but I wanted to get a quick post in before calling it a night.  Jeez -- I'm really behind on several of the posts I wanted to do -- e.g. finishing up the Maryhill Museum, chickens, some other recently-finished paintings, etc. -- and I suspect I may not get to them all before heading out on vacation.  But being short on time, it's all about the pictures and minimizing the writing at the moment.  The more I type, the more obsessed I get with perfection -- mainly sleuthing out typos, which, for some reason, my brain has a really hard time picking up on after I've put them on the page.

So I will quickly share with you a recent and highly memorable weekend outing.   I think it was two weekends ago actually that we headed up to Mt. Tabor bright and early on Saturday morning.  The sun was already out and warming things up.  I headed straight for this tulip tree at the top of the park:

And here are my tulip sketches ... just pencil and watercolor....

After I was on tulip overload, I headed over to a nearby Oregon Grape shrublette and attempted to capture the bright yellow flower clusters.

Soon I became much more interested in a tiny grasshopper I spied on one of the leaves.  Seriously, he was about a quarter inch long.  And no joke on the colors either:

A really great way to start the day.  I was in a fabulous state of mind after some sunshine and sketching!

Yay -- I think this blog post was completed in record time for me!  And I only proofread once!