Friday, May 6, 2011

girl with a bird in a midnight garden

Whew!  This has definitely been a Friday for me.  I'd wanted to get some serious journaling and painting done tonight, but I sort of threw myself under the bus by first setting out to find a book whose whereabouts in the house was a mystery of late.  A convenient distraction?  Perhaps.   

Well, I turned into an obsessed, crazy woman ... shimmying around on my belly with a flashlight, looking under all pieces of furniture and mostly finding dust bunnies and socks.  Hmph.  

To make matters worse, this book was a super thoughtful gift from Erik and I've got this horrible intuition that I perhaps accidentally "returned" it to the library.  But I'm not giving up hope quite yet!  It's not as if our house is the picture of organization at the moment.  But, as you can imagine, not much writing or painting happened tonight.  I was much too wound up and full of grumbly words.

So, in keeping with the spirit of art-making, I present you with last week's painting. 

Typical story with this one: I began the underpainting months ago, was completely uninspired by it, put the piece of illustration board back on the shelf, and thought that might be the end. I guess enough time had passed, because I was somewhat interested in trying to bring it to life early last week. Lately I've found that listening to podcasts while painting is a great way to occupy my left brain. It really helps turn down the volume on judgmental thoughts and feelings of boredom.

And I feel much better now having written something tonight.  We're in for a rainy weekend, so I'm thinking paints, podcasts, and continuing the book-search saga are all worthy items for my agenda.

Happy Weekend!