Wednesday, May 4, 2011

garden goodness

Yay -- things are growing!!  This is how our veggie garden looked as of Sunday.  The chard and kale that over-wintered are doing nicely and seemed to be spared from the scourge of those pesky white moths.  However, I created a row cover to go over the tender new seedlings I planted.  Last year it did not work to drape the cloth directly over the plants, so I used some short wire "fencing" (if you could even it call it that) cut to the right size as my frame from the row-cover cloth.  An inexpensive solution and the plants seem happy being in their warm tent (but don't get me started about those even peskier slugs).  I saved some space in the raised beds and in our two wine barrels to plant tomatoes and basil once it warms up a bit more.


Loving the constancy of the sun today.  I think it was the first time I've worn a skirt all year -- a very twirly skirt at that.  After work I thinned some of the weeds in front yard with house finches above in the Snowbell tree creating a royal ruckus.  There is at least one nest of babies in the neighbor's eaves and the finchies (as I like to call them) stay in non-stop communication with their little ones.  I've done a bit of journaling tonight and feel ready to settle in with book.  G'night, Everyone.