Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Farm Goats

I've been promising my mom a post about the goats we visited a few weeks ago at Full of Life Farm in St. Paul, Oregon (about an hour south of Portland).  Here it is!

There were two herds (flocks?) of goats at the farm.  The photo above is of the pregnant mama goats who have their own personal bodyguard.  Ellie was the dog's name, I think.  She lives with them full-time on the pasture.  I also found it interesting that the farm owner only breeds goats that have proven to be good, caring mamas in the past.

These two sets of photos above are the goats that are raised to mow down blackberries and then eventually be sold for meat.  As we approached their pasture fence, it was hilarious to see that there were at least ten of them crowded on top of a riding lawn mower, trying to get a better view!

This black-and-white pregnant goat really liked me.  Actually, she liked anyone who would rub her nose.  I was particularly enchanted by the little white pom-poms at the ends of her horns.  So sweet!

Photos by Erik