Saturday, May 7, 2011

a castle in the city

Pretty pictures for today's post...

These were taken on our trip to Port Townsend and Victoria BC last September. One of the highlights of our two days in Victoria was a tour through Craigdarroch Castle -- a landmark home just a short bus ride from downtown.   I definitely recommend a visit, though go early, especially if you like taking pictures.  The steady stream of visitors creates a near-constant one-way flow of people traffic through the house. 

No formal tour was given, but there were docents throughout available to answer questions and add to the experience with a good story.

Check out the interesting old letter and pen & ink sketch in this next picture. I can't tell if it is a drawing of a piece of corral with seaweed or veins and arteries or....   Fascinating!

Some of the upstairs rooms have not been fully restored, but they provided a nice context for just how much work has been done on the house so far. I also enjoyed photographing these spaces that were a bit more raw ... but I'll save those pictures for another post.

Happy Weekend!