Monday, May 9, 2011

the beauty of utility

A few more glimpses of Craigdarroch Castle for tonight's post.  These less fixed-up spaces were some of my favorites... 

These photos above were from some of the not-yet-restored rooms.  Cracked plaster, stripped woodwork, clunky radiators ... love 'em!

Below was the prettiest room in the whole house ... the maid's bedroom!  Love the closely-stitched white quilt and sewing supplies throughout.


I'm winding down, ready to say goodnight to Monday. I've been hiding out upstairs  this evening where it's warm and cozy. Up here I can sprawl on a big red rug and work on some collages.  A huge mess on the floor is not a disruption to daily life in this corner of the house. While my gluey pages were drying, I did a little research on how to build a trellis system for our raspberries. It's probably smart to build something now, before they start taking over the garden.  It won't be long! ... I'm thankful for slightly warmer temperatures these days.  I feel much less grumbly in the mornings when I get on my bike, now that the cold isn't so nippy.  Oh and the gardens around here are such a delight.  I've been riding slower and varying my route to work so I can check in on some of my favorite front yards and see which stunning plants are coming to life.

Sweet Dreams!