Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Artistic Clutter (for Lisa and Vjera)

Photos taken in my house ... dancing around the less attractive clutter.


I keep thinking today is Monday.  I'm thrown off perhaps by a dentist appointment this morning.  Had to fight the desire to come home and clean house afterward, rather than proceed to the office.  Loving the longer days, but still wondering where the time goes.  The kitchen is a mess, but I would rather be upstairs writing or drawing; a fair trade, I think.  Seventy degrees tomorrow is the prediction.  I should bring shorts to work so I can take a lunchtime walk on the waterfront.  Speaking of walks, I love my evening jaunts with Erik to the grocery store and library.  Gardens are coming alive, confidently so, and I'm assured of summer.  Today -- I give it two thumbs up.