Sunday, March 20, 2011

when the light goes gray

I've got about 20 draft posts to sort through here.  Last month I went gung-ho, organizing pictures, starting posts, finally feeling like I was going to get up to speed on the blog.  I spent almost an entire Saturday doing this and by the end of the day, I knew I would pay.  Having had some serious carpal tunnel in years past, it flares anytime I overuse the computer.  And this time I didn't listen to the warnings--the strange combination of burning and numbness.  So I have been off mending.  A lot of it having to do with my hands, but also some mental recovery after teaching during winter term.  Not being an extrovert, the act of standing up in front of a classroom is a tough one for me and I'm less inclined to do any other activity--big or small--that requires putting myself out there.  But it's behind me now.  **big sigh of relief**

These photos capture the mood of the quiet, slow, somber gray days of early spring around our house.  Evening walks with wool mittens and hat; pulling out the camera whenever some interesting light shows itself; feeling very, very ready for sun and warmth.

And I'm looking forward to feeling more creative energy sometime soon.  But right now I'm not sweating it (not too much at least), watching plenty of movies, and enjoying free evenings to recharge my batteries.