Sunday, February 20, 2011

Inspired by Architecture

Here are a few more photos taken during my late-summer vacation to Port Townsend, Washington -- one of the most delightful historic towns in the Pacific Northwest.  I found much inspiration in the color, texture, and form of the different building types and materials ... all enhanced by the sweet salty air and lonely gull cries that are an ever-present backdrop to life in this seaside town.

The tiny bedroom window up in that mansard roof (above) was quite intriguing to me.  I imagine it must be the most delightful reading alcove with such a fine view of the sea.

This blue house looks new to me, but fits well with the other homes in the neighborhood.

The tiny cottage with the lavender-lined front walkway was one of my favorites.  I immediately think of Maine.

Ah the intricacies of Queen Anne architecture!  Imagine the hours it took to paint those gable details!

Color and texture on every street corner.

There were many of these ghosty signs on old brick buildings.

This stately courthouse is a bit of a surprise to find on the fringe of the historic residential area. A building that was meant to last for hundreds of years -- I like that.

And my favorite detail discovered on a pair of weathered double doors.