Monday, February 21, 2011

everyday sketching

This quick sketch came about one evening at the dining room table after being inspired (and perhaps a bit guilted?) by a passage in How to Make A Journal of Your Life:
Has your intuition been telling you to get an empty journal and begin filling it with all those interesting events in your life?  Well, time is racing by.  All those things that happened just last week have quickly become the past...
The sketch, which seemed somewhat trivial at the time, now vividly reminds of what was going on that particular week and how my energy was directed toward some serious thinking about saving for the future.  This resulted in our beginning to keep a detailed monthly budget and expense record; something I've tried off-and-on in the past, though in a very halfhearted manner.  Months later it's been an invaluable tool to bringing awareness to our spending habits.  

Ironically, the journal and new pens used in this sketch were one of my last big impulse buys.  I'm by no means perfect when it comes to this sort of thing but being "a quiet and alert witness" has increased my feelings of contentedness and gratitude for the things I already have in my life.  Activities as seemingly disparate as sketching and budget-tracking have been immeasurable aides in witnessing and being aware of my life and my choices.