Saturday, February 26, 2011

the curious morris marks house

It's a curious sight to come upon this ornate 1880s house right in the middle of downtown Portland (1134 SW 12th to be exact), tightly sandwiched between other buildings more urban in nature.  A single-family residence on prime downtown real estate will always be at risk to demolition, so there have been efforts in the preservation community to try to move the long-vacant house to a new site.  

There aren't many Italianate homes like this in Portland, so it would be a real loss if its parts and pieces ended up in a salvage yard (or worse -- a landfill).  These pictures somewhat belie its sad state because I omitted the tall chain-link fence that keeps squatters and architectural thieves away from the property.  

I hope there is a happy ending for the Morris Marks House in the next few years, but in the meantime I enjoy occasionally strolling by to admire the strange beauty in its frozen-in-time, decrepit state.