Sunday, January 16, 2011

when all else fails, try silly

Erik and I did a couple of nature walks while visiting my family during the holidays.  It was cold, gray, and snowy.  I enjoyed being outside, but trudging through the snow can be hard work.  Sometimes my mind starts to trudge too -- slow and heavy, trailing off to thoughts of warmth and comfort.  

I wanted to be present, to be mentally invigorated by fresh air and the uncommon texture of my surroundings.  Ready to try anything, I just started shooting random, silly, not-carefully-composed photos.  Most of them didn't turn out great, but a few were priceless captures.  The best part was that it loosened up my mind, allowing me to be present, to see, to have fun ... as evidenced by this shot:

And then I was a lot more inspired to carefully compose the stark winter beauty that surrounded us...

I think a couple of those photos were probably Erik's ... we pass the camera back and forth so much it's sometimes hard to remember who took what photo.  

A couple of days later we went walking again and the sun came out!  It's easier to do a snowy trudge in the sun, though I sometimes find clouds more friendly for photo-taking.
Here I am appreciating the new Christmas hat given to me by my in-laws and the mittens they gave me last year:

And here's a family of mushrooms appreciating that rare December sun:

Some nice winter memories that benefited from me getting out of my head and into the lightness of the moment.