Friday, January 7, 2011

Red, White, and Tole-Painted

For me, nothing says wintertime coziness like the colors of Scandinavia.  It's something I love about visiting my aunt's house.  This year, after a cup of tea and some good conversation, I explored a bit with camera in hand, documenting some of the lovely nooks and crannies:


This is one of my favorite spots in the house -- her sideboard, which is always an enchanting menagerie of woodland animals, gnomes, santas, and other bits of whimsy (like teeny pigs):

And a few Scandinavian bits in our own house this year:
I was pretty smitten with these felt gnome ornaments when I spotted them at IKEA.  Totally something one could make by hand .... ah, maybe when I retire....
Our decorations have not come down yet.  The living room feels abandoned -- a neglected tree, the smell of ash in the fireplace, junk mail stacked by the door; a snapshot of what our lives look like when I'm preparing for class each night between dinner and bedtime.  It's funny how I will look upon that room and the little things that need to be done with such longing.  I'm suddenly drawn to cleaning out the fireplace in the same way I might be to reading a really good book.  Thankfully I didn't let procrastination get the better of me this week.  The closest thing was a few episodes of Bramwell when I needed help turning my mind off.  Cleaning is a reward saved for the weekend.  :-)