Monday, January 24, 2011

Nature Walking, Nature Sketching

a beautiful weekend -- sunshine, birds, fresh air, pen to paper

Saturday morning we walked along the Marine Drive path -- the Columbia River on one side; Portland International on the other.  An interesting juxtaposition of nature and technology.  Both awing in their own way.  I sketched heron, water fowl, and driftwood.

Then we drove to Smith & Bybee Lakes not far away.  The path was mostly flooded, but I got to hold a frog...which made the trip entirely worth it.

Gorgeous color and reflection on the still waters.  Found several interesting feathers -- those were my favorite things to sketch during our outing.

Sunday morning we drove east toward Gresham and hiked around Powell Butte.  It was foggy and the trees at the top were wonderfully spooky.  I had a hard time capturing them on paper.  The sketch that seemed the most compelling was of a little dead mouse on the trail.  He had pink toes and a pink tail and dew drops all over his gray fur.

These are Erik's photos of those interesting trees:

After exploring the top of the butte, we took one of the trails that descends around the side.  How quickly the scenery changed from open and meadowy to tall trees and green ferns!

We found some enchanting spider webs along the trail.  Dream hammocks?

I'm thankful for such a lovely weekend, for my sweet and silly companion, and the chance to look closely at this amazing world that's practically in my backyard.