Friday, December 31, 2010

A Final Bit of Decembering

7:29 PM in front of the fire.  New Year's Eve.  Wind blowing the neighbor's porch chimes and the front door aches in the cold.

A busy month it has been.  Tonight we are ringing in peace and quiet.

Things look a bit different around here.  I've been playing with templates on Blogger, loving the fact that I can make gentle tweaks without garbling my html.  New title, new header.  Maybe permanent, maybe not.  After much deliberating, I decided to let the comments have a rest this winter.  Partially because the next three months will continue to be especially busy (I teach one term every other year in addition to my regular job) and so my visits to blogland may be infrequent as they have been lately.  Also just seeing what it feels like to show up here and with fewer expectations of myself.  Not shutting anyone out.  An experiment.

Tomorrow there are thank-you notes to write.  We will try out our new slow cooker for the first time.  I've got to refine and practice my first lecture.  Taking the Christmas tree down is still up for debate.  Oh how I love the fact that it draws us to the living room, spending more time reading together, snuggled under an electric blanket.  I'll keep some of my "winter decorations" up for awhile though, like these old photos:

Well, my fire needs tending.  Time to stoke the coals before it completely putters out.  Happy New Year to all!