Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Repurposed Postcards

This happens a lot: I start an art project—a collage or painting—and at some point feel a little dissatisfied or blah about where it’s going. So I set it aside for a while—weeks or months, usually.  Then, while I'm at work on something else, I'll see my cast-off art out of the corner of my eye and suddenly know just what needs to be done.  Now, this may in fact be a way to procrastinate about the project at hand, but I’m not going to overanalyze, because in the end, I can say, "Yay!  I finished something this evening."  
That’s what these postcards were.  Experiments in paint and doodles and stamping that didn’t do much for me....until I found some random collage elements and washi tape that brought it all together.  A good reminder to myself that setting things aside is okay and not something to resist.  Taking a break from the inner critic can truly benefit those creative sparks even if that critic's message is an otherwise fairly innocuous “This isn’t doing anything for me.”  I’ve definitely found that time and space—sometimes even completely forgetting about something I’ve worked on—gives me the opportunity of a new start and a fresh approach.