Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Escape

Summer officially arrived in Portland right after 4th of July weekend.  Erik and I made our escape to a lake-side campsite to enjoy the cooler temperatures up near Mt. Hood over the weekend.  It was an easy two-mile hike down to the lake where we set up our tent, took a nap, and then went for a swim.
I brought my journal along, but was a little bummed that the ink cartridge in my favorite pen was entirely spent, so there would be no writing or sketching on this little trip.  But fortunately, an enjoyable alternative was on-hand: Stephanie Dowrick’s book Creative Journal Writing.  It’s hard for me to describe why I like this book so.  Perhaps it’s the combination of practical suggestions, the inspiration of Ms. Dowrick who is a longtime journal writer, and her gentle style that is both simple and intelligent.  I’ve had regular dates with my journal since getting this book from the library.
The next morning, after a surprisingly good night’s sleep (usually I don’t do so well on a thin Thermarest), Erik and I hiked back out, swatting furiously at mosquitoes whose numbers had seriously strengthened over night.  We decided to drive a different route back home -- through the Hood River Valley -- so that we could stop at some fruit stands to buy cherries and blueberries.  I have a bowl of red Bings next to me right now.  They are just the perfect summer treat.