Monday, July 5, 2010

Meet Me at the Book Drop

June was my month for organization and it included a great effort to simplify areas of my life that directly affect my creativity.  So, first things first, I began by returning numerous books to the library; books I’d kept on my shelf because they contained all sorts of delicious project ideas or art inspiration I wasn’t quite ready to part with.  But, having literally woken up one morning with the realization that these books (as wonderful as they might be) were contributing to my feelings of being overwhelmed, I quickly formed a big stack in the dining room, pulled out my camera, and snapped a few photos of those pages I didn’t want to forget (like these from Scandinavian Needlecraft) before saying goodbye.

Erik, who is always supportive of any effort on my part to simplify and organize, was a willing helper to haul my borrowed collection back to the library in our trusty Burley bike trailer so they might be united with other adoring patrons. 
The book purge also gave way to thinning out my personal collection (mostly collage material) in the studio, choosing to keep those books I'm presently most drawn to on my shelves upstairs, and taking the remainder down to the basement for bit of a rest.  Perhaps I’ll rotate them in a year or so.  Then, I did a similar thinning of my fabric -- keeping just my favorites upstairs for now.  And next came the digital-photo organization.  Minimizing those choices; making room for creativity.  
It’s nice to start July feeling a little lighter.