Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This Art, These Walls

Every once in a while I'm hit by a big wave of blog overwhelm.  Despite the fact that I always keep a list of ideas going, sometimes the writing feels almost impossible.  Well, I've been feeling that way the last four days, so I'm determined to push through this block tonight.
June has been my month for organization and a project of top priority has been the "My Pictures" folder on my hard drive.  No surprise, sorting through all those files led me to rediscover a number of photos I'd forgotten about, including these that I took of the artwork in my Aunt Liz's home.
I was musing the other day about the stuff in my own house and taking a hard look at the things I really love.  These are items not necessarily valuable or overtly pretty, but rather familiar and happy; bits and bobs that I treasure for some odd reason or another.  They're the things that add the most to my experience and comfort of living in this space I call home (as far as objects go).  But, even more so, I find familiar things have an especially strong impact on me when I visit the homes of dear friends and family members -- usually the ones who were part of my life as a child; when memories took root in my little brain years ago.
Liz's house is definitely like that for me, even though it's not the house she lived in when I was a child.  Nevertheless, many of the things have carried over from one home to the next, especially the artwork that decorates her walls.
There is something very warm and textural about original art pieces hanging in a home, I've found.  My aunt has a collection of understated vintage paintings -- many found in second-hand shops and antique stores -- along with a number of watercolors painted by artist friends and some, I believe, she and her daughter painted themselves.
Between the paintings, platters, and framed textiles, these walls are also home to many photographic reminders of past trips to Italy and France.  I know as I child, my interest in Florence and Venice was first sparked by some of those photos I would often ponder on her walls.
As I'm writing this post, it's quite amazing to realize how much impact these small collected objects had on me -- everything from my desire to buy things second-hand and handmade, to many of my artistic sensibilities as well.  Do any of you have a object or collection of your own or someone else's who familiarity is always a pleasure or an inspiration?
Well now -- I'm feeling a bit better, having gone through this small ritual of hitting "Publish Post" -- completing a thought and adding a little something to my corner of the blogosphere.  It's funny how something as simple as jotting down a few thoughts with a couple of pictures can, at the outset, seem so daunting.

Hope you all are happy and well this week.