Sunday, May 9, 2010

Red Boots and Creative Sparks

 {family portrait with satellite dish, 1985}
I am away on vacation, but I wanted to schedule a little Mother's Day post to say hello to all of you and especially to my mom.  
Two things in this photo bring a smile to my face (other than my grandfather's ginormous satellite dish!) and make me appreciate my mother's wisdom and nurturing.  First, the dress that I'm wearing was one that she made for me and it was certainly a summer favorite -- one that I either outgrew or completely wore out.  She later taught me how to sew, but more importantly, instilled in me a sense of value for the things that are handmade and the love and care that goes into creating them.  
My mom also--probably from the time I could first assert my independence--didn't get in the way of my childhood tendencies toward creative dress.  Even when I was moved to spend an entire summer gallivanting about in red vinyl boots, I don't ever recall any pressure to make sure my clothes matched or to dress more sensibly.  I have to believe that little things like that nurtured my creative spark and, in their own way, help keep it alive today.
So thank you, Mom, for these gifts.  They mean a lot to me.
And Happy Mother's Day to you all!  See you back here in a week!