Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Garden Paradise

There's a house on Regents Drive here in Northeast Portland that has a monopoly on gold finches.  Seriously!  From two blocks away you can hear the songs of their chirping flock, and then, as you come around the corner, you realize why: They've found a little slice of urban paradise!
This yard--with its wonderful sunny exposure--is nicely defined by the canopy of two dogwood trees.  There is a wide-open lawn in the center, but also abundant shrubs and hedges for little birds to take refuge.  The lovely greenhouse, wood trellises, and veggie planters make for an orderly, yet charming garden.  And these pictures hardly do it justice!
Birdhouses and feeders are abundant.  Some are fine architectural examples and others are entirely practical (and seemingly preferred by the finches!).
I try to include this house in my neighborhood walks as often as possible.  Big garden inspiration for me (though more of the dreamy rather than practical sort, because I do not have a double corner lot!) and the wee colorful birds are quite entertaining, too.