Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Family Photo Album: A Special Collection

Erik's mom gave him a very special gift at Christmas this last year -- an album of photos taken by his grandfather, Walter, around 1935.  It is an amazing collection of snapshots and tiny photobooth portraits of friends and family.  Hailing from New Jersey, Walter's talent with a camera is evident.  I have a small collection of vintage albums and, in comparison, this one I find utterly captivating and unique because it truly tells a story of the faces that line these black paper pages.  Erik's grandfather brought a sense of humor to his well-composed snapshots and each photo seems to capture a bit of the personalities of his chums.  The humorous captions he pasted into the album also say a lot about this young man and his outlook on life.  
Looking through these pages reminds me of the importance of recording our stories--the big ones, as well as the more ordinary moments--and to bring them together in albums, journals, scrapbooks; places that can be held between two hands and cherished someday by children and grandchildren.
Here are a few more of my favorite photos from this special collection:
{Erik's grandmother}
{the photographer himself}