Monday, May 17, 2010

Colors of Home

Just a bit of Monday-morning color to share with you ... and a little something to remind me of the things I like about everyday life in our home.  I'm still feeling a bit discombobulated after being away--somewhat like changing timezones, but zones of reality in this case.  I miss the birds, the desert smells, the eye-stretching vistas.  I do like coming home, though; rediscovering domestic comforts -- my bed, a hot shower, a cup of tea, sorting through the mail.  But I'm aware that here I'm surrounded by so many choices and responsibilities.  The simplicity of sleeping in a tent and having all the things you need stuffed into the back of a car leaves little room for the endless options of home.  Yesterday I flitted from one task to the next like a confused bird.  I must have dabbled in five or six different studio projects before settling into some simple collage work.  There was something nice about being away and having only one canvas bag of books, journals, and art supplies from which to choose.  It was so easy.  
And now I must further my shift away from vacation mode as I head downstairs to get ready for work.  :-)  Happy Monday, Friends!