Friday, May 28, 2010

collected here

A couple weeks ago, on an inspired evening after work, I created a big mess in my studio and filled up several more pages in my collage journal.  The emptiness of a rarely-used journal can be somewhat discouraging to me, but having now established a critical mass of work in this one, it's easier to keep the process flowing.  Flipping through its pages stiff with glue brings a certain satisfaction.  Some collages are cohesive, some are entirely random ... yet in their shared space, there is still this "belonging."
I have the day off today and am enjoying this early start to the long weekend.  Apparently we're going to see some sun on Sunday in Portland-- a welcome treat after so much rain!  Even now, the sun is peaking through swaths of gray clouds, playing its typical springtime game of peekaboo.  I just took a stroll through the neighborhood to put myself on the sign-up list of a self-described "Mom and Pop Saved Everything" estate sale.  It's been months since I've been "junking" and couldn't resist a sale within walking distance. :-)
Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!