Sunday, May 2, 2010

Celebrating & Remembering

This last week I dove a little deeper into my 30s.  It was a quiet day and I rather like that birthdays as an adult are a bit less exuberant and a lot more ordinary than the hugely anticipatory and sugar-enhanced birthdays of my childhood.  But those lively, youthful celebrations were certainly good times, and their heightened energy made for many lovely, long-lasting memories.
I remember this birthday in particular, when I received a pair of wooden, hand-me-down Barbie-sized doll beds that my mom had refashioned with red velvet pillows and blankets.  I remember loving that they were old and not like any of the Barbie stuff you could buy in a toy store.  My little brothers apparently thought they were pretty neat, too!  
There were many wonderful, yet simple heirloom gifts that came my way as a youngster; things that I'm happy to still have with me and that can one day be shared with nieces, nephews, and my own kids.
My grown-up birthday was not without a few joyful surprises, too!  Receiving mail is pretty near the top of my list of favorite things, so to have several days when the postman entreats me to the rare hand-addressed envelope or sweetly places a box on the mat just in front of our door, pretty much makes my month.  And even better?  To find wonderful vintagey things within!  (Thank you, Lisa! :-)
Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.  Erik is outside installing a drip irrigation system in our raised beds and I'm tending to some oven-roasted canned tomatoes.  The house smells amazing!