Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Studio Journeys

Reading Serena's recent post about her encaustic painting class inspired me to photograph a mixed-media piece that I made several months ago.  As is typical for me (*sigh and smile*), I wasn't particularly happy with it at first.  But having let the piece marinate a bit in my art studio closet, I find that there are aspects of it that I now really like.  Though, I'm learning more and more these days that liking or not liking one's art really isn't the point:  It's about opening yourself to the process and enjoying the adventure of creating.  It has been a slow journey for me to get to a point where I can truly experience this, but I've been able to access it a little more these days, which feels good.
This piece started out with a collage of images, adhered to a canvas board.  The Gothic theme was pretty organic to begin with: The pictures inspired the choice of paint color, which led to the dark and tumultuous shapes. I over-painted the whole collage with acrylics, just having fun and not being too careful about the whole thing.  And once the paint had dried, I fused a layer of encaustic medium over the top, which increased it's moody, old-world look.  Ann Baldwin's book Creative Paint Workshop for Mixed-Media Artists is a good one if you're looking for some tips and examples on how to play with these techniques.
And these are three areas of the painting that intrigue me and make me want to go a little deeper.  It seems the perfect setting for a Charlotte Bronte novel, don't you think?  :-)