Saturday, April 24, 2010

Once upon a chilly spring morning...

Things have been quiet here for me in blogland.  As the days grow longer, I find I want to spend more time outdoors, more time cooking good food, and more time moving my body.  I've rekindled my love of yoga and pilates--taking classes in the evenings after work.  I've even thrown some Nia into the mix.  It's fun and freeing.
I wish I could blog quickly and spontaneously--in the little moments between activities and cooking and rest time--because I do love being here.  But it's somewhat of a project for me to sit down and decide what I might like to say.  Like right now -- I'm sitting here, a bit stalled out.  :-)  Silly perfectionist me.
In any case, I just wanted to say hello and post some pictures of a recent nature walk I did.  It's a pretty place called Steigerwald Lake Wildlife Refuge near Washougal, Washington.  Those spring sunrise colors made for a joyful morning of walking and photographing.  
Happy Weekend, Friends.