Friday, April 30, 2010

Inspiration for Shady Gardens

Springtime in my neighborhood offers a bounty of gardening ideas and inspiration.  I'm constantly learning and I suspect our front yard will have several more years before it looks the way I imagine it in my mind.  This winter I realized that when we did our landscape overhaul last spring, we'd planted mostly deciduous perennials and, boy, was our yard blank and brown-looking in the dead of January!  So, I'm carefully planning out where we will plant some evergreen shrubs this fall, in hopes of maintaining a little color and interest throughout the year.
I do like that our yard is on the shady side and lends itself to a woodland look.  Here are some pretty gardens I've taken note of on my recent neighborhood walks.  Clearly I have a thing for Japanese maples, sweet woodruff, and delicate ferns!