Sunday, April 4, 2010

Growing Things

Tomatoes and lettuce are growing in our bedroom window, loving that southern exposure on the days that the sun graces us with its fickle springtime rays.  Being fairly new to starting veggie plants from seed, I found some of the videos on this site to be helpful, including the one about making your own pots from newspaper.
For any of you who don't have room for a full-on veggie garden, but would like to grow your own food, I can recommend this book that my sister-in-law gave me on container gardening.  There are also some helpful videos on youtube explaining how to make inexpensive self-watering containers, such as this one.  Before buying the house, Erik and I attempted to grow vegetables in containers on the front porch of our Craftsman duplex.  We didn't know about self-watering containers at the time and our veggies (especially the tomatoes) would have benefited from having constant access to water during the hot August afternoons.
For some inspiration and education, Erik and I joined an afternoon Veggie Gardening 101 class two weekends ago, which concluded at the instructor's house.  I wish I'd had the camera with me, because it was an amazing urban garden, complete with a very active bee colony.  You've never seen such an efficient network of raised beds, bark-mulch paths, espalier fruit trees, compost bins, and beehives!  It made me really happy to see someone who is able to put his 50x100 city lot into such productive use.  Wow.
Happy gardening, Friends!