Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Story of Things

I had a bit of fun rummaging through an old house during an estate sale last month.  When I pulled up at this property, my first thought was, oh my.  The front porch was nearly falling off the house and the rest of the structure didn't look a whole lot better.  As I got closer, I could see that the windowsills had completely surrendered to dry rot and the house probably hadn't been painted during my lifetime.  Surprisingly though, the inside was reasonably well kept, though jerry-rigged was a word that came to mind.   Immediately I got the sense that it was an old woman who had lived there on her own for many years and she made do as best she could with her humble belongings.  An old back porch had been enclosed at some point and turned into a sewing room.  It was dark and cramped, but she managed it efficiently with miss-matched shelves and shoe boxes for storage.  I was happy to find a few nice vintage ribbons and other notions in her stash, as were a number of other plucky lady shoppers who were determined to explore the depths of that tiny sewing rooms.  Their husbands were content to wait in the living room.