Sunday, March 7, 2010

From a Naturalist's Camera

"To those who look upon the earth with the feelings of a poet or a painter, I need not speak of the value of the winter birds as enliveners of the landscape.  As there are evergreen mosses and ferns that supply in winter the places of the absent flowers, so there are chattering birds that linger in the wintry woods; and Nature has multiplied the echoes at this time, that their few and feeble voices may be repeated by lively reverberations among the hills." --from A Year with the Birds, by Wilson Flagg, 1890
More photos from Erik's winter sunrise walks.  I love some of the expressions these birds have, especially the two sparrows sitting atop that cylindrical piece of concrete.  I'm posting these today because I've had such a strong desire lately to experience open space and big skies.  We're planning our first vacation of the year--a road trip to southeastern Oregon--and I'm finding it hard to wait until May to have a multi-day break from the city.  Hot springs, camping, birding, sunshine, blue sky, minimal technology--I'm ready!