Saturday, March 20, 2010

For The Birds

Erik and I were at our local Backyard Bird Shop the other day buying a new feeder for the finches when one of their friendly employees mentioned that water--not food--is the number one reason why birds stop in your yard.  And--she told us--if the water is moving, the birds remember its location, thinking it is a spring.  This got our attention and got me thinking about a little container fountain I'd seen the other day tucked into someone's pretty front garden.  It looked a lot like this.  I'd sort of put the idea aside, thinking it would be too hard or too expensive to do in our yard.  But with the motivation to attract more birds, I did a little research and it didn't seem like it would be complicated at all.  
So, after a trip to Portland Nursery for a shallow ceramic pot and a stop at Pond Crafters for a little pump, we're halfway to having a little water garden.  The two missing pieces: a bamboo spout and some pond plants.  I was advised that it's still too early to put out delicate water-loving plants.  Despite all the recent sunshine, the evenings can still get pretty chilly around here in March.  Nonetheless, it's delightful to sit on the front porch and hear the sound of trickling water.