Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Simple Days, Simple Things

Inspired by Denise’s lovely post last week, here are some simple things I’m enjoying in my life right now:
My mom’s handmade soap near the kitchen sink, giving off scents of cocoa and bay rum every time I wash up.
Sipping herbal tea with lavender buds on a sunny afternoon off from work (like yesterday!), sometimes with a teaspoon full of creamy, raw honey.
The simple illustrations in this Japanese cookbook I picked up at a sale on Saturday.  They are printed on a fibrous paper that reminds me of tatami mats.  Oh, and making nori rolls for lunch (with nut pate instead of rice). I'm quite enjoying that.  Yum.

The low winter light filtering across our dining room buffet, making just about anything in its path look beautiful.
Cardamom.  Its sweet-spicy scent fills my kitchen at the moment (having accidentally spilled some on the counter).  And how about that perfectly soft gray-purple hue?  I’m quite enamored with this spice at the moment, to the point of putting a dash in my breakfast smoothie each morning.


Reading our quirky neighborhood newspaper; in particular, a column that features one local dad's collection of quotable quotes from his young children, Charlie and Lily: 

“Don’t you hate it when you have an itch you can’t find? … Oh, there it is, on my wrist.  You little troublemaker.” ~Lily

“If you were in prison, I’d do something bad to be with you.” ~ Charlie to his friend Carter.

“Dad, can I, for the rest of my life, for real life, be your butler?” ~ Charlie

“Charlie, can’t you say that in a nicer way?” ~Lily in a mockingly parental voice after Charlie said, “Lily, I’m going to throw this sausage in your face.”

“Snowflakes actually look like snowflakes when you look at them closely.” ~Charlie.

Kids are great, eh?  :-)  Happy Wednesday to you all!