Saturday, February 27, 2010

signs of home

Quotes from Mainstone's Housekeeper, by Eliza Meteyard, 1864 
"...the rooms soon wore the blessed signs of home, amidst the bowery lightsomeness of snowy muslin, open windows, a wilderness of flowers, and the soft, rich beauty of the early summer's sun."

 "As the ladies drove over in their little pony-carriage, they brought many tokens of their tender remembrance; greenhouse plants and flowers, a dish of early strawberries, two more little chicks, and a tiny canary, looking like a fat lump of gold."

Spring is slowly arriving in our garden and I'm trying to bring that feeling inside as well.  We've been playing with new furniture arrangements, treating the hardwood floors to a good Murphy's Oil cleaning, beating the winter dirt from our rugs draped over the porch railing, and enjoying these little collections of springy things that seem to spontaneously join together on a bedside table or sewing basket.