Monday, February 1, 2010

Tweed + Bikes = Portland Fashion Fun

I was disappointed to discover that I missed Portland's first ever "Tweed Ride" this weekend.   Darn it!  What a smashing time it looks to have been thanks to these great photos via  I'm already dreaming up a cute outfit for next year's ride ... something like what one of these finely dressed ladies are wearing below.  The velvet is a nice touch, as are the neck ties.  Knickerbockers and tights make me smile, but probably wouldn't be the most flattering on my figure.  So, I shall have to keep my eyes peeled at second-hand shops this year for garments reminiscent of Victorian "lady cyclists" ... as well as give my Dutch bike a good dusting off.  Poor thing doesn't get ridden much these days.  Anyway...check out BikePortland's photos of Saturday's wonderful cycle fashion and delightful vintage bikes!