Saturday, January 2, 2010

Little Things Not Forgotten

November and December were quiet blogging months for me, though I still managed to take some photos from time to time to document little changes in the house.  Early in November, Erik and I finally got around to hanging up some artwork in our bedroom and the dining room.  These vintage bird prints were found tightly rolled up together at a garage sale and I thought (should I ever manage to get them to lie flat again) that they might look good on our dark dining room walls.  The IKEA frames helped keep things simple (and low-budget).  ... The large blue-and-white quilt was another low-budget find and a specific request from The Tall Man (Erik), who was growing tired of my collection of vintage blankets made for folks of shorter stature.  ... Before our dining room table became Christmas Central, it was briefly home to my collection of old natural history and botanical books as I searched for inspiring collage materials. ... And that pink dress -- well, my little niece will be of dress-up age soon and there seems no reason to delay in collecting special things for when she comes to visit her auntie.