Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Family Photo Album

When I visit my parents, I love going through my mom's collection of old family photos.  She's also got a number of them on Flickr, which means I can browse whenever the mood strikes!  Here are a few favorites from my perusal this evening:

My great-grandfather is the little guy on the right, shown with his brother, Cyrus, and sister, Hattie.  The photo was taken in about 1897 in Wisconsin.  And here they all are a few years later, the boys looking particularly dashing with those new celluloid collars:

Here are their very Victorian-looking parents, Frances and Irvin.  My great-great-grandfather appears to be quite a tall gentleman, with large hands and an even larger mustache!

I'm not sure when folks from this side of the family moved to Hawaii, but here is a photo of Cyrus, who worked on the Oahu Railway, taken around 1910:

There are actually a couple of Hawaiian ladies in this photo, which is cool!  My grandfather grew up in Hawaii and his parents ran some sort of general store, I think.  Too bad Hawaii has changed so much from these pre-war years.  I would love to go there and see where they lived and had their store, but I'm sure it was all redeveloped long ago.