Monday, January 25, 2010

Something from the Past

One Christmas holiday--at least 15 years ago--I was introduced to my aunt Elizabeth's suitcase full of vintage lace.  That suitcase was one of several others stacked up in her bedroom, on top of a tall armoire.  Mind you, this was well before vintage suitcases were a popular decor item, so it was somewhat of a novelty  (for me at least) to think of storing things in old luggage.  But my aunt has always been clever and stylish in that way.

 And just as I've always been enchanted by antique trunks and the magic of lifting that lid to discover wonderful things within (such as elaborate thrifted dress-up dresses and shoes ... as was the case in my aunt and uncle's basement), these old suitcases held that same bit of sweet mystery.

I'm not sure what prompted the retrieval of the lace suitcase that particular Christmas, but I distinctly remember sitting on their large bed, oohing over its contents, one piece at a time.  A marvelous collection of old and handmade lace it was, with other bits of interesting vintage notions tucked into the side pockets, waiting to be discovered by a little girl who loved pretty things.

Several years later--at a different house, in a different town--the suitcase reappeared on the occasion of my cousin's wedding.  My maid-of-honor dress--handmade by my aunt--needed a little lacy something to highlight the bodice.  Out came a long piece of cream-colored vintage trim--more like a ribbon, but with a fine scalloped edge--which was cleverly pinned on the dress and tied at the back.

So you can imagine my surprise, when a familiar beige suitcase with a tiny brass Vogue label, was presented to me on Christmas morning, tied up with a red satin ribbon.  Could this be what I think it is?!  And it was.

What a perfect gift, full of sweet memories and more pretty things for sewing than I could have possibly imagined even in my little-girl dreams.