Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December One

I forgot I started this post ... and am now hitting "publish" on the 10th. Sheesh..............

An unexpected sewing-machine breakdown has conveniently opened up some time this evening to visit with blog friends and do a little writing. Hello all. Hope you enjoyed this first day of December.

I'm sitting here listening to the wind, watching the plastic insulation over two drafty dining room windows gently flex, perfectly synchronized with the quaking tree limbs outside. The full moon is so bright and so piercing in the otherwise-transparent black sky. These bitter-cold, clear evenings are atypical for Portland and I'm always a bit amazed (and delighted) by how quickly the weather changes here. It's something I've noticed that I take in--quite literally--on my 20-minute bike ride home in the evenings.

Yesterday, I emerged from my climate-controlled office to find the Willamette River waterfront (the whole of it--buildings, bridges, trees and all) to be the most perfect palette of grays--like the subtle shades of my favorite wool sweater. Tonight, the brilliant clarity of the sky and water reflected the city lights down the river as far as my eyes could take me. Same time, same place, yet the world seemed so much wider and I seemed so much smaller, zooming across the Steel Bridge.
{erik's photo of the mighty steel}

I like arriving home, feeling like I've experienced these simple, visceral qualities of my world. A reminder to myself to go and seek awareness, even if it means just checking in with the weather!
Well! In other news, I've had a mishmash of little projects going on recently. Everything from readying the garden for winter, to my first attempt at baking gluten-free bread ,to hijacking all sorts of surfaces for collage snipping and quilt design...
Things are busy. I'm probably stretching myself a bit thin. But at least I'm aware of it, right? :-)