Monday, December 28, 2009

Blue Hour

{from our yard tonight}
                                      From the hoofs of the horses where knights, riding
                                      Flash bright through the green leaves, clash shrill
                                                  on the stone:
                                      Suckt out of the heart of the small purple flower
                                      That nods on the top of the tall craggy tower,
                                                 Blowing, and glowing, alone:
                                      In the long flowing downward
                                                 Of every blue hour
                                      Loos'd in light from the rims of the sun:
                                                Millions of sights and of sounds
                                      Fill me, and thrill me, forever
                                      With the music of all that abounds
                                                 In blue air 'twixt the rocks and the river.

                                     --from The Loreley by Owen Meredith, 1863