Friday, November 6, 2009

Scenes From a Weaving Studio

It's a quiet, rain-soaked morning here in Portland. The air has a just-after-the-storm quality and from my window I can see the random flutter of leaves strewn about my neighbors' yards. I was happy to fix myself a cup of jasmine tea and head on up to the studio where I'm now warming myself next to a radiator. Today is my day off and I'm feeling inspired and creative. So, I thought I'd post a few pictures this morning that go right along with my mood: photos of my aunt's weaving studio and the lovely things she creates in her space. I posted about my mom's space almost a year ago, but here's a look at what her sister is up to.
It always seems that there is some fabulous project alive on her loom, which sits near a window and has a view of their Japanese garden.In her space you'll find all sorts of tiny shelves where handmade, lovely things are tucked here and there.
Piles of hand-spun yarn lend a textural richness...

Projects finished and projects in process...This picture above shows two of her tiny weaving creations. I just adore the little gnomes on the left.
These rag rugs were made on her loom and the shelf on the right shows off some of her painting. I'm definitely inspired to dig into my fabric today. But first, I have a little rummage sale-ing to do!