Friday, November 27, 2009

Ordinary Days

Today was a simple and pleasantly ordinary day (except for the fact that we didn't have to go to work!). There was laundry to be done and plenty of post-Thanksgiving kitchen clean-up. A fallen doug fir branch became the perfect dining-room table centerpiece. Oh and there were games of fetch with a certain ball-obsessed doggy, in between organizing the pantry and cleaning out the refrigerator.We've noticed our living and dining rooms are so chilly, but before insulating the crawlspace beneath, there's a mysterious hole that needs to be refilled. Intrepid Erik signed up for the chore--shoveling back the mounded-up dirt from whence it came. Finding neither skeletons nor buried treasure, it seems we'll never know why the previous owners attempted this strange basement excavation.
After six hours in the trenches, it was time for a hot bath for Erik. And a little yoga for me and the shoulders that do a very good job of reminding me that I need to breathe and take it easy sometimes.