Saturday, November 14, 2009

In Color

Because the sun is shining this morning and I'm looking out upon trees robust with color, I feel inspired to follow a color theme for this post. Blue and pink immediately stood out as I was sorting through my recent photos; colors that are also on my mind as I have 50 pink tulip bulbs to plant today and some vintage prints of bluebirds to frame for the bedroom walls.
This pink church is in my neighborhood--a building that reminds me of the architecture of Bernard Maybeck in the Bay Area, which I so admire. Getting close to the building and really looking offered me a whole other world of detail--the terracotta grapes, period light fixtures, and interesting wood detailing.
I took this mushroom photo a few weekends ago during our ritual trip to Larch Mountain, where Erik and I hike and explore miniature fungus worlds every autumn. It makes me want to break out my watercolors .... as does this delicate Japanese painting I found featured in a vintage art magazine.
I didn't realize when I paired these two photos, that the figure in Matisse's painting appears to be sewing ... a nice compliment to my new (old) scissors.
And just a few other treasures that have found their way into my home recently. Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend!