Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Decorating with Plates

As the summer months passed, my inspiration to finish decorating the dining room was waning. For awhile I wanted to repaint it ... not being completely satisfied with the colors Erik and I originally chose. However, I've grown to accept them and even enjoy the slightly-too-pink top color in this low autumn light. Making peace with the color was a major step in getting some art on the walls. I'd put up a few temporary pieces in June, but they just didn't seem entirely at home in the space.
So this weekend, I decided I had accumulated enough plates to begin a display. Eventually it needs a couple more to create an interesting and somewhat random diagonal growth across the wall. But I like that this arrangement can be reworked and changed over time.
Overall, this was a very easy project to do with just some plate hangers procured at our local hardware store. It was a little exasperating that the hangers did not fit the plate sizes indicated on the packaging and had to be exchanged for larger ones. Oh well, I'm used to at least two hardware-store trips per project these days!Happy Tuesday!