Saturday, October 17, 2009

Strange and Wonderful

I had every intention of writing a post for Friday, but what a strange day it turned out to be for me! Our furnace technician flaked out (on my last paid vacation day!) and I also spent two hours on the phone with tech-support trying to figure out a speaker problem with my new computer. Ugh.

The day quite improved after the mail arrived because there was a surprise envelope from Miss Lisa filled with old photos and postcards. I immediately got out the camera to document these latest editions to my collection and was further inspired to take some pictures of my estate sale goodies from last weekend. Then I headed upstairs for a little sewing to finish off my strange and wonderful day at home. More on what I'm making to come...

Along with the Polaroids above, this postcard was included in my Friday snail-mail missive -- significant because it's a classic mid-century building in Portland that, much to my dismay, recently lost it's rooftop pagoda.
These vintage sister-and-brother photos came in an envelope from Lisa two weeks ago. I love the little girl's dresses, especially her sweet scalloped collars and bows.
And here are the pictures I took of my early October finds:
How excited was I to discover this substantial serving tray for only $4?! It made my day and I promptly put it to use when I got home (i.e. bringing lunch to hard-working Erik in the backyard).
A wintry scene that caught my eye because of the pastels...
Vintage kitchen towels. Soft from use but not too worn.
Random china pieces. I'm planning to grow a wall of plates like this one someday.
Small and large bits of vintage fabric.
And a few more additions to my various collections of photos, little tins, and nature -filled paperweights.